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VINEYARD Since we started farming Thousand Candles we have worked hard at making and applying our own compost teas brewed from biological matter found on the farm itself. We have nourished the soil and seen a massive growth in biological activity and nutrient content; consequently our vines are stronger and healthier. The nature of tending the land in this way is laborious and long hand. There are no short cuts or bullet points, but it is all intended to ensure that as little as possible is required by way of corrections in the winery. FARMING Thousand Candles is a farm in the Yarra Valley region of Victoria, the southern most state of Australia. The farm was purchased for the purpose of producing a remarkable wine. The brief accepted by William Downie, our winemaker, is to produce a wine that will change the conversation about Australian wine. It is our belief that how we farm will define our success, much more so than any processing aids or method. Thousand Candles essence is good farming. Although we have space to do more (we are working on a beef project, and may well find other things to do as well) the purchase of the property was made in order to produce a remarkable wine. It is our contention that farming for biological mass and complexity is an elemental factor for quality. We see farming as respect for place and caring for soil. This is the same wether rearing beef of growing grape vines. BEEF Thousand Candles beef project has three pillars. The first is the building of our own herd with unique genetics linking back to one of the oldest lines of Japanese (Wagyu) breeds. The second pillar is that the cattle will be reared on grass on land that is fortified with compost teas to build biology. Thirdly, our beef will be dry aged for tenderness and flavour development. It is very early days in the development of this project. We have tested the land with a more standard breed of Wagyu to acclaim from small number of chefs and restaurant personnel that have had an opportunity to taste and work with the product.

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75 Kylie Lane
Seville East, Victoria 3139

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