Alkimi 'The Good Earth' Syrah

This medium bodied wine displays elegant primary fruit notes of blueberry, strawberry and lifted red cherry notes. Pickled Sicilian green olive, white pepper, lavender and spice characters underpin the layered aroma of this wine.

 The palate is fresh and approachable. Primary fruit notes of fresh blueberry and raspberry are complemented by floral notes of lavender and violet. The tannin profile is soft and luscious; which combined with the mouth-watering finish produces a wine that is long, flavoursome and elegant.

This wine was made to drink now, but the high quality of the production means this wine will keep its youth and freshness in the cellar for at least 3 – 5 years. The wine can be enjoyed with many dishes; beef fillet on a bed of sliced beetroot and parsnip puree, duck with cherry glaze or with soft cheeses with a quince paste. It's also brilliant with spaghetti bolognese with friends or family or simply enjoyed with conversation.

$28 / 750ml

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17 Jun 2016

By Alkimi Wines
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