Wantirna Estate Lily Pinot Noir

The vineyard has three distinct blocks of pinot noir and these are all hand harvested separately. Despite the vineyard area being only ten acres in total, the different blocks each deliver quite unique characters and often there is up to 2 weeks difference in the harvest dates. The mature block - with vines dating back to the early 1970s, gives the wine its savoury tones and fine tannins. The Front block fruit is spicy whilst the Fruit Tree block is generously fruity. Each component adds complexity when blended together, making the style of pinot noir that Wantirna Estate is known for.

The Lily pinot noir is a wine of great finesse and flavour with cherries, strawberries and a delicate spice and generous texture. It is a wine that ages gracefully for at least ten years.

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25 Oct 2018

By Maryann Egan
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