539 Queens Road, (Cnr Beenak Rd), Seville, Victoria 3139

Brumfield Winery

539 Queens Road, (Cnr Beenak Rd), Seville, Victoria 3139


Life for Brumfield Winery started just over 20 years ago, long before we became an official winery. Smaller wineries offered us so much. We picked grapes, absorbed the passion of those we met, and made small batches of wine in humble conditions.

The menu has changed to a very relaxed selection of small and large dishes that can accompany wine, beer and cider at any time of the day.

Snacks, nibbles, antipasto and our wonderful cheese plates. Relaxed, yummy food to enjoy with oiur beverages.

Soon we will also have a small range of pizzas.

If you love wine or beer or cider or all three you will love our food to go with them.

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SOURDOUGH - housemade naturally levened breads, handcrafted from organic / biodynamic flours, resulting in beautiful food. Purchase a loaf or two to take home and enjoy. Our bread is also used in Anda's Kitchen's menu throughout the day. Yum!!!

BRUMFIELD visit some produce markets - we may even be at one near you. An opportunity to grab some bread, a bit of produce and a bottle or two of wine.


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539 Queens Road, (Cnr Beenak Rd), Seville, Victoria 3139
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