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Easthill Estate is a family owned and operated vineyard and Cellar Door. ​Buying the property in 2011, we can not unfortunately claim that wine making was in our background or upbringing. It wasn't, and therefore we have had to start from the beginning, learn the industry, and have hopefully brought in a fresh approach to our vineyard and cellar door. We have a hands on approach to our business, and take great pride in the care and maintenance that we provide for our grapes and growing environment. We hope that this is evident in our wines and also when visiting our cellar door. CELLAR DOOR ​Here at Easthill Estate, we are not about big fancy buildings and fanfare. We are very simply all about the wine and the natural rustic experience on offer here at Easthill Estate. In June 2018 we opened our new indoor Cellar Door area. Here we hope to provide you with a unique rustic experience. A place where you can come and sample our wonderful wines, and breath the fresh country air, and taste the impact that the volcanic soil has on our grapes. Also we hope to enhance your experience with our "Platter By Preference", where you create your own platter by selecting your crackers, dips, cheeses and deli meats. This can be enjoyed overlooking the vineyard in the warmth of the cellar door, or on a nice day, at our outdoor area which also overlooks the vineyard. VINEYARD​ Our vines were planted 22 years ago into our dark rich volcanic soil that was left to a handful of properties in Kangaroo Ground from a volcano some 20 million years ago. This volcano was situated near Lilydale but its lava flowed westwards through Kangaroo Ground. It was this basalt lava that has eroded over time and has now left small patches throughout our region of this wonderful dark rich soil that is such an intricate part to our magnificent growing ground for our grapes.​​ We have nearly 10 acres of grapes planted on our property, with the different varieties being Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and a little patch of Merlot. All of our grapes are delicately looked after by hand, we hand prune and hand pick, ensuring the careful attention to detail is consistently maintained to provide only the best grapes that we can produce.

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100 Kangaroo Ground-St Andrews Road
Kangaroo Ground, Victoria 3097

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We're open 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month 11am - 4pm

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